PixSmash - The picture quiz game against your friends

Compete against your friends and other players around the world! Solve the picture quizzes as fast as you can and attack your opponent to distract him! It is PIXSMASH TIME!

This is PixSmash

If you like Quiz Games and competion games, then you will love PixSmash!

  • Play against your friends

    PixSmash is a multiplayer quiz game in where you fight against friends or players around the world.

  • Smash your friends

    If your friend seems to be the pro, smash him! Use your coins and distract him from the task to win the game!

  • Different types of questions

    Solve different type of tasks: Locations, Celebrities, Animals, Brands and general terms

  • Play with your WhatsApp friends

    Invite your friends with two clicks via WhatsApp and smash them!